Chic Sale's humorous books "The Specialist" & "I'll Tell You Why" have been read and enjoyed by millions.

Funny, funny books.

For anyone who has ever lived in a house with an outhouse, these are two of the funniest books ever written. For the first time reader, it is a real belly laugher.

There's no vulgarity here, just down-to-earth advice, and some acute observations of basic human behavior. "The Specialist" is a very small book that makes a perfect gift to someone with an ear for American folk wisdom. Set in the rural US in the early part of the 20th century, it's a monologue by "The Champion Privy Builder of Sangamon County".

"The Specialist" is chosen as one of Magnus Mills' top 10 books.

As well as being the literary world's most famous bus driver, Magnus Mills is the author of the critically acclaimed "All Quiet on the Orient Express."